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Himoriwabi Samue I

Himoriwabi Samue I

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Improve your quality of life by taking the first step to experience one of the best Samue ever made.

Japanese sizes usually run smaller than the rest of world. We recommend you take a look at the size chart below and choose a size that will give you a loose fit and hence the perfect samue experience. 

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This is a made-to-order product.

Creating a Samue is very labor intensive and requires many hands-on processes - 1 set can take up to 4 weeks to produce.

After you place your order, we will start production on your Samue within 3 days. Production can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on demand. Your finished Samue will be shipped to you immediately after production and should be delivered to you within 2 weeks. Expect to receive your Samue within 2-6 weeks from your order date.

If we have stock on hand, we will ship out immediately. Thank you for considering Himoriwabi Couture and please do not hesitate to send us feedback or ask questions at

Existing stock on hand:

Nihon Blue - S, M, L

Okami Gray - S, M, L

Midori Green - S, M, L, XL

Cheri Pink - S, M, L

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Himoriwabi Samue I

Experience Luxurious Comfort
( 贅沢な快適さ) 

Made from premium textured cotton gauze, our Samue I gives an authentic Japanese Samue experience while still being soft & smooth to the touch.

Light, smooth, and temperature neutral, our loungewear pajamas make you feel like sleeping on air. 

Affordable & luxurious - Typical Samue sets with similar quality and craftsmanship usually cost upwards of a few hundred dollars due to large markups. At Himoriwabi, we take away these markups by removing the middlemen and deliver straight to you - anywhere in the world!

Thermoregulating Breathability

Made with the Saori technique, the Himoriwabi Samue will among the most breathable loungewear pajamas you own. Say goodbye to night sweats and hello to better, cooler sleep.

Experience one of the best Samue ever made.

What others are saying 

Carwyn Benton I bought these to wear as pajamas and I love them! Sizes are accurate and fits perfectly. Material is so soft and they breath so well so my temperature is always just right. And if I have to wander outside to get the mail or put something in the bin, everything is covered. The pants are full pants that go to my ankle.  I would buy again and am considering buying another set.

Jeanne Burnett This attire brings back memories of my visit to Japan. The hotel that I stayed during my visit prepared samue attire for customers to wear as pajamas. It is comfortable and has a long tradition. Highly recommended to people who are contemplating make the purchase. I remember a store in japan is selling it for much higher price and that is the reason why I did not buy one back from Japan.

Shayna Haley I needed a decent set of pajamas and I love the design and feel of Japanese clothing. These are definitely that! They are comfortable, practical and durable: highly recommended, if you like an Asian style design.

Kobie Hayden I can never forget the first time I put on the Samue after coming out of the shower. It felt so relaxing, similar to that of a good old massage. I remember laying down on my bed and I fell asleep within minutes!  The next morning I felt so refreshed and ready for the day. To future customers, do not hesitate. This Japanese pajamas rocks!

Grant Erickson Nice soft fabric.  I really enjoyed wearing them at home. They are super comfortable for lounging around during the weekends. It feels like you're having a vacation or at a Japanese massage place. Although it is marketed as a PJ I think it is cool. My wife and I wear it outside of our homes as well. That's what the Japanese did anyway

Saskia O'Sullivan Me and my husband are night owls and we have been finding a way to fall asleep faster. I purchased a blue one for my husband and a pink one for myself. It felt really good to change into these PJs right after a shower before bed. I find it cute and loving for couples to wear the same attire to sleep.

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